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Optimum Health and Human Performance

Sports & Exercise Medicine
Aging Management Medicine
Fitness Test (VO2max)

Don't let Nature take its course on you


Do you need a quick answer or solution to a Family Medicine matter?

Do you want to use your Deep Biological Makeup in your Healthcare?

Do you want to Age Well and prolong your Life Expectancy?

Do you need treatment forΒ arthritic joints or sports injuries?

Are you looking for ways to achieve Peak Performance in life or sports?

aging management

General Medical Practice

Personalised Family Medicine and Aging Management

aging management

Orthopaedic Medicine

Painful conditions of the Spine and the joints of the arms and legs

aging management

Sports & Exercise Medicine

Sports Injuries and Performance optimisation

Start your Senegenix journey today

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Testing

COVID-19 infection test with nasal/throat swab, accredited UK laboratory, sensitivity 98% and specificity 100%.

COVID-19 immunity (antibodies) test with blood sample, accredited UK laboratory, sensitivity 97.5% and specificity 100%.