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Who are we?

SenegenixTM was founded in 2014 by its medical director Gabriel Preutu, to research and pursue a healthcare model based on Personalised and Preventive Medicine. Through research and extensive clinical practice we established a platform of healthcare based on the P4 Medicine model, Personalised, Predictive, Preventive and Participatory. We incorporated into this model the massive expansion of digital technologies available now, in order to monitor health at home, a concept known as Connected Health. It has taken 3 years of research to establish the model, to develop it, and test it. It is routed in science and based on everyday medical practice. It uses the extrodinary advances in Genomic Medicine, to predict future health, and employs interventions based in Preventive Medicine to mitigate risks.

It is centred on the individual and requires active participation from the individual. It empowers people with control over their own health, it increases resilience to age-related wear & tear and disease, it promotes longevity and quality of life, it avoids the massive cost of treating disease once established. We strongly believes this is the way of the future in medicine and healthcare.