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Personalised Medicine

Individualising healthcare to one’s deep biological makeup is the latest medical frontier. Every person has a unique variation of their DNA, known as the genome. Although most of it is identical for all humans, the small procent of variation gives rise to individuality. It is this individuallity that makes different people to respond differently to  environmental factors, to disease and aging.

Personalising the continuum of healthcare over the various stages of life to the individual biological makeup, can have an added benefit on health-related quality of life and life expectancy. Whether the healthcare is preventive, curative or rehabilitative, nature and nurture will give different outcomes in different people.

aging management program


Decoding the individual biological genetic code


The set of proteins produced in the body by the encoding genome

aging management program


Investigating the ecosystem of the human colonising micro-organisms

aging management program

Biological Aging

Investigating the silent aging procerss

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