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Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

This is a personalised plan for adult weight management:

1. Body Composition Analysis,
2. Resting Metabolic Rate,
3. Energy Balance Equation,
4. Lifestyle Assessment,
5. Diet & Activity Plan.

Our weight management program is based on Body Composition Analysis, the measurement of the Resting Metabolic Rate, the estimation of your Activity Level, and the calculation of the Energy Balance Equation. The energy balance is a mathematical equation of the daily energy surplus/deficit resulting from the amount of energy intake through diet and the energy expenditure through activity. The equation allows to vary diet and activity levels in order to reach weight management goals over a given period of time. This type of planning is based on calories counting method. Love it or hate it, calories counting remains the absolute basis of weight management.

Although the Diet Plan uses calories counting, we also take into account the quality of the calories from the different types of foods. We recommend a varied diet type over the narrow ones to cover all the nutrient requirements, and a gradual weight loss over time using medium calorie diets over the low or ultralow ones. Dieting is not for everyone and those who hate it have the alternative of manipulating the activity levels in the energy balance equation.

An accurate Lifestyle assessment it is very important in order to build the weight management plan. It is helpful to keep a food and activity diary for a week on an average week. We recommend using a personal activity tracker and a calorie counting app on your smartphone for recording this data.

Our Weight Management Plan is not a supervised program. It requires implementation in one’s daily life and consistency in following it, for the duration of the program. We recommend employing either a Nutritionist or a Fitness Instructor to supervise the implementation of the weight management program in real life. For the more confident, we advise on how to self-monitor the progress, and what connected health devices to use for this purpose, in order to self-implement the weight management plan.

weight management plan
weight management plan

Certain chronic medical problems may not be appropriate to undertake a weight management program independently. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate clients with cognitive disorders, established eating disorders, malabsorption diseases of the gut, chronic diseases of the pancreas, liver or kidneys, and alcoholism.