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Private GP Consultation

The GP Consultation we are offering to new patients is a 30 min appointment. Existing patients with ongoing needs for health/disease management can book a GP Follow-up consultation which is a 15 min appointment. We offer home visits in certain circumstances, by appointment only, on a radius of 5 miles from the practice location. We are happy to see children and adults with the following exceptions, which are outside our scope of practice: children younger than 5 years old, pregnant women during regular antenatal care, adults with mental health illness, learning disabilities, prescription/recreational drug addiction including alcohol dependence, the elderly with known dementia. As a practice policy we do not prescribe controlled drugs (CD) other than in exceptional circumstances.

We employ in-person appointments at our premises for a new client consultation, in order to perform an examination when necessary. We also use remote video-consultations for follow-up where this is appropriate. If you need a chaperone for any examination, please ask. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 years old have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have English language difficulties please bring your own interpreter to the consultation, as we do not have facilities for translation.

We provide assessment and treatment of acute illness, and acute flare-ups of known chronic illness, including urgent hospitalisation when this is necessary. We can provide a wide range of diagnostic tests for ill health symptoms or health concerns. We can liaise with specialist care in the private sector and provide referrals when this is needed.

We are actively pursuing prevention in favor of treatment or rehabilitation of established disease. Therefore we employ health screening through our own Senegenix Healthcheck, which is designed to cover a number of essential health parameters providing an overall picture of health, and health risk scoring. We take health screening further with Personalised Medicine involving individual genome sequencing and analysis for DNA markers of predisposition to disease, and whole body MRI for occult tissue level lesions. We employ routinely Weight Management and Fitness Training for disease management and health promotion. We provide wellness vaccinations for disease prevention and immunostimulation.

We recognize aging as a natural process however the source of a large number of age-related body changes and diseases, gradually impacting on the structure and function of the human body towards frailty, disease and eventual death. Therefore we support the concept of Healthy Aging towards a disease-free old age, preservation of independence and increased life span. We employ Aging Management interventions to increase Health-Related Quality of Life and Longevity. We run our own Senegenix Aging Management Program to mitigate the effects of time on our bodies. However this is a new area of Medicine which we offer in light of current scientific knowledge and technological advances.