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Health & Fitness Consultation

Health & Fitness Consultation

Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Physical wellbeing, knonw as fitness, refers to the body's ability to deal with the physical demands of daily life, work and leisure activities, and to meet emergency situations. Modern life does not put physical demands on our bodies anymore, and unless one's occupation is physical, most of us slip into sedentarism. One can quickly and unnoticeable lose fitness, and eventually health. One's fitness level can be translated into a Fitness Age which is a component of one's Biological Age.

In order to put together a program of fitness training with noticeable and achievable results, we recommend exercise testing for baseline fitness parameters like body composition, resting metabolic rate and VO2max. If one has a history of past cardiorespiratory conditions or is on medical treatment may need more laborious medical testing like stress ECG and CPET.

Health & Fitness are multifactorial dependent, however lifestyle has a tremendous role to play. Lifestyle interventions like weight management through dieting approaches, fitness training through physical exercise and stress management through mindfullness and adequate sleep can improve the parameters measuring health & fitness. Our Senegenix Health & Fitness Program combines these interventions with pre and post measuring of health & fitness parameters, and quantification of achieved change. We also provide individual elements of the program like Weight Management and Fitness Training on their own as standalone services, with instruction on self-monitoring with activity trackers and other connected health devices.

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