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Health & Fitness Consultation

Health & Fitness Consultation

Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Physical wellbeing, knonw as fitness, refers to the body's ability to deal with the physical demands of daily life, work and leisure activities, and to meet emergency situations. Modern life does not put physical demands on our bodies anymore, and unless one's occupation is physical, most of us slip into sedentarism. One can quickly and unnoticeable lose fitness, and eventually health.

Fitness is generally achieved through nutrition, physical exercise and adequate rest. Trying to put together a fitness program suited for one's makeup and lifestyle can be bewildering. Making your own research takes time, your friends recommendations cannot be sure of, the trial and error method can take too long. Seeing the desired results may not happen, in spite of best efforts. What is worth doing and what is not, how frequent and for how long? What diet and type of exercise to use? What about nutritional or pharmacological supplements?

We can answer these questions and more, we can recommend modern scientific approaches to health & fitness, we can personalise a fitness program to your body makeup and lifestyle. We can advise on the use of supplements. Our guidance is goals driven, safety minded and based on real life.

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