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Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Testing

Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Testing (VO2max test)

Cardio-respiratory fitness represents the combined work of heart, lungs and muscles to sustain exertion at a given level. The gold-standard parameter of cardiorespiratory fitness is VO2max, and refers to the amount of oxygen ventilated during maximal exercise exertion. This parameter is best measured from ventilation during test exercise. We use professional ergospirometry equipment to perform a direct measurement of the amount of oxygen ventilated during incremental exercise, via a special face mask with oxygen sensor. We employ cycling on a medical ergobike as the form of testing exercise. The test protocol takes the subject through a preset ride of gradually increasing intensity, called a ramp test. During the test exercise the equipment measures and monitors the amount of ventilated oxygen (VO2) and the heart rate. The test effort level is set according to the predicted fitness level and maximum heart rate.

VO2max estimates one’s Functional Capacity in so called metabolic equivalents of task, the ability to perform in the daily living activities and/or more strenuous activities. The test can also provide an individual’s Fitness Age, which is a component of Biological Age as opposed to his/hers Chronological Age, refering to the youthfullness of one’s cardiorespiratory fitness level.

The VO2max test can be performed on young adults to health very old age individuals. The test is performed on a static bicycle, wearing sports clothing and shoes, to allow exercising comfortably. Please come prepared, as we do not have changing facilities. It is recommended to be well rested prior to the test, and not immediately after a meal or exercise.

cardio-respiratory fitness training

The VO2max test is less appropriate for people with known moderate or severe cardiac or lung disease, people with muscular impairment or severe arthritis, and people with disorders of coordination, balance or cognition.