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Senegenix™ Health check

health check service

Senegenix™ Health check

This is our complete healthcheck testing package for adults including:

1. Body Composition Analysis,
2. Blood Glucose (by finger-prick test),
3. Blood Lipid Profile (by finger-prick test),
4. Resting Lungs Function Test (spirometry),
5. Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG),
6. Resting Blood Pressure and Heart Rate,
7. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Test (VO2max),
8. Metabolic risk score,
9. Fitness Index.

It primarily assesses health parameters quantifying the risk for diabetes mellitus and the risk for cardiovascular disease, which are leading causes of morbity and mortality in the Western world. They impact significantly on the Health-Related Quality of Life and LIfe Expectancy indicators.

The testing package takes approximately 1 hour to complete, it does require to undress the top half for fitting heart monitoring electrodes on the skin, and requires comfortable clothing for exercise testing. It should be performed before a meal or allow 2 hours after a meal, with normal water intake, and on a day when you have not performed strenous exercise.

health check
health check

The same restrictions apply for taking this Health check as for undertaking Body Composition Analysis and Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Test. Subjects with the type of medical problems described previously are not appropriate candidates for the Health check. Please enquire beforehand if you suffer with chronic medical conditions.