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Fitness Training Plan

Fitness Training Plan

This is a personalised plan of Fitness training for adults, involving:

  1. Physical activity readiness assessment,
  2. Cardiovascular risk assessment (resting single channel ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood lipid profile),
  3. Lungs function test (PEFR/FEV1),
  4. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Test (VO2max),
  5. Physical Exercise Plan.

Our fitness training plan is based on your physical condition, cardiovascular risk, lungs function, and the measured VO2max (fitness level). It aims at improving the VO2max, which is the parameter linked to cardiovascular benefit, health-related quality of life and longevity.

The weekly Exercise Plan consists primarily of aerobic exercise, however it includes muscular and flexibility exercise for completeness. The type and combination of exercises, their duration and intensity, have to be sufficient in order to generate a Training Effect on the body, an optimal weekly Training Load, and a productive Training Status over time. We work with any preferential type of aerobic exercise as long as it is fit for purpose and safe. Injury prevention and avoidance of overtraining are paramount.

The Fitness Training Plan is not a supervised program. It requires implementation in one’s daily life and consistency in following it, for the duration of the program. We recommend employing a Personal Trainer or a Fitness instructor to supervise the implementation of the training program. For the more confident, we advise on how to self-monitor the progress, and what connected health devices to use for this purpose, in order to self-implement the fitness training program.

fitness training plan
fitness training plan

Certain pre-existing medical problems like cognitive disorders, neuromuscular disorders, severe arthritis or joint replacements, chronic pain disorder, previous heart attacks or strokes, irregular heart beat, chronic lung disease, substance addiction are contraindications for the type of exercise plan we have on offer. Age alone and sports injuries are not necessarily barriers to exercise.