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cardiorespiratory fitness test

Cardiorespiratory fitness test

Senegenix was set up by medical director Gabriel Preutu in 2014, in order to research and pursue a healthcare model based upon Personalised and Preventive Medicine. Our cardiorespiratory fitness test is routed in science and based on everyday medical practice. This is more than a cardiorespiratory fitness test this is the start of better health.

cardiorespiratory fitness test

what’s involved in a cardiorespiratory fitness test?

Our cardiorespiratory fitness test model is centred on the uniqueness of the biological makeup of an individual in continuous interaction with the environment and passing of time. It is a comprehensive range of tests suitable for both males and females, it’s very informative if you’re planning on undergoing cardio-respiratory fitness training. It emphasises Preventive over Curative and Rehabilitative interventions. It allows designing personalised intervention programs to preserve and optimise health and performance throughout one’s life. We will conduct a series of tests, whilst measuring relevant factors of your bodies output, form these results we can calculate your cardiorespiratory fitness level.

An important factor we measure if the VO2 max, which is considered to be the most valid measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness levels. It’s a measurement of the heart, lungs, capacity and blood to transport oxygen to the working muscles One way to test is using the cardiorespiratory fitness test.

By using professional ergospirometry equipment we precisely measure the amount of oxygen ventilate during exercise, we do so using  a special face mask with an oxygen sensor. We utilise cycling on a medical ergobike as the exercise of the testing exercise. During the process the subject is taken through a pre-set ride of gradually increasing intensity, which we call a ramp test. During the ramp test we monitor the subjects heart rate with a heart rate belt applied to the lower chest. We also use a stress ECG to monitor the heart activity during this exercise. The test effort level is set according to the predicted fitness to ensure the testing is carried out safely. Prior to the test we will ask you to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which is where we base this expected fitness level from.

The test is performed wearing sports clothing and shoes, to allow exercising comfortably. Please come prepared, as we do not have changing facilities. It is recommended to be well rested prior to the test, and not immediately after a meal or exercise.

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