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body composition analysis

What's body composition analysis ?

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) measures an individual’s body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and water content. These parameters collectively amass a person’s total body weight. The significance of the results is analysed in relations to height, age and gender. As a precaution, at the same time we measure the Waist-to-Hip Ratio for the Trunk Obesity Risk Score (Tanita ViScan score), closely related to the metabolic syndrome.

We use advanced technology to measure body composition called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This process involves passing harmless electric currents through the body to measure the tissue-specific impedance. BCA with BIA analyses the body as a whole and per individual segment such as arms, legs and trunk. It closely estimates the percentage of fat inside the trunk of the body, known as the Visceral Fat, which is a higher predictor of health risk than total body fat. It also offers important information of the distribution of the total body water in the extra-cellular and intra-cellular compartments of the body, important distinction in water retention and dehydration. BCA with BIA allows also the calculation of the Phase Angle, an indicator of cellular health.

For more in depth information please see (BCA)

body composition analysis

Senegenix was set up in 2014 by its medical director Gabriel Preutu, to research and pursue a healthcare model based upon Personalised and Preventive Medicine. Our processes are routed heavily in science and based on everyday medical practice. This is more than body composition analysis this is best way to the start of better health.

Senegenix was started up in 2014  by medical director Gabriel Preutu, to pursue a healthcare model with an emphasis on Personalised and Preventive Medicine. Our models are routed heavily on science and based on medical practice. This is more than body composition analysis this the start of better health.

body composition analysis

A Scientific Approach to body composition analysis

Our body composition analysis model is centred on the uniqueness of the biological makeup of an individual in continuous interaction with the environment and passing of time. It is a comprehensive range of tests suitable for both males and females. It emphasises Preventive over Curative and Rehabilitative interventions. It allows designing personalised intervention programs to preserve and optimise health and performance throughout one’s life.

We currently have two body composition analysis services on offer:
Analysis Plus