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Microbiome Sequencing

There are trillions of bacteria living on and inside our bodies. In fact, the volume of DNA contained in your microbiome far exceeds the human DNA of your body. Scientists even consider the gut microbiome to be a separate organ. Since the discovery of bacterial communities living in symbiosis with the human bodies, over 20,000 research studies have been conducted to understand this relationship. The Atlas Microbiome Test was developed based on the results of this research. Clear links have been established for many aspects of our health, like microbiome protection from specific diseases, immunity, vitamin production, diet and nutrition.

The ratios of different bacteria in your gut can influence your level of protection from obesity, diabetes type II, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and coronary heart disease. The diversity of your microbiome assesses the number of species present and their ability to synthesise vitamins and butyrate, an important short-chain fatty acid that helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining. Gut bacteria produce vitamins and may influence nutrient levels in the body. This test evaluates your gut bacteria’s ability to break down dietary fibre, which is essential for microbiome and overall health. The microbiome breaks down dietary fibre in butyrate, an essential short-chain fatty acid that maintains the gut lining and prevents inflammation.

The microbiome is strongly influenced by external factors like eating habits, antibiotics, illness and more. This also means that you can strengthen it by modifying your diet. There is extensive research on what foods different bacteria prefer. Our test will show you what you need to eat to support and maintain beneficial bacterial populations and essential functions of your microbiome like vitamin and butyrate synthesis.

Your sample is analysed in the lab using Illumina technology. The DNA fragments in your sample are studied to identify your microbes and evaluate their proportion in the microbiome. It may take 4–8 weeks before your results are available on your personal account. Every sample is analysed on a case-by-case basis and we will notify you personally if there are any changes to this timeframe.

We use algorithms based on published scientific research to analyse your microbiome and establish personalised lifestyle recommendations. Your medical and personal data are safe at every stage, from ordering your kit to receiving results online. User Data are securely stored on certified servers located within the European Union, SHA-256 with RSA Encryption, Full GDPR compliance, registered with Information Commissioner’s Office.