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Family Medicine

We provide medical assessment and treatment of disease for adults, elderly and children over 5 years old.

The following medical conditions are outside our scope of practice at present: pregnancy, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, alcohol and drug addiction, gender identity disorders, sexually transmitted diseases.

Consultations are offered via telephone/ video link, face to face at our premises or at client’s home via our home visiting/ treatment service. We operate a telephone triage service to assist with choosing the most appropriate type of consultation. 

Children and teenagers under the age of 18 years old need the presence of a parent or guardian at the consultation.

All intimate examinations need the presence of a chaperone, usually provided by the practice depending on availability on the day.

We speak a number of foreign languages, please ask if your preferred language is available. If you need an interpreter, please make your own arrangements before the consultation.

Vorbim Romaneste, On parle Francais

aging management program

Home Visiting/ Home Treatment Service

General medicine assessment and treatment at home when applicable

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Aging Management Medicine

Controling the biological aging process and increasing longevity

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aging management program

Personalised (Genomic) Medicine

Decoding your genetic makeup to use in your healthcare

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