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Orthopaedic Medicine

What is Orthopaedic Medicine

Orthopaedic Medicine refers to non-surgical treatment of the various painful conditions of the articular joints of the skeleton, namely the spinal joints of the neck and back, and the joints of the arms and legs.Β In most cases surgical treatment is not necessary, sometimes surgery is not possible due to age or decreased fitness for surgery. Orthopaedic Medicine methods can be employed to cure or relieve symptoms depending on circumstances. It can also be used alongside other forms of treatment like medication, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy or chiropractic.

The range of conditions treated by Orthopaedic Medicine include neck pain and low back pain, shoulder pain of various types, elbow pain, wrist and hand or fingers joints pain. In the leg it addresses hip pain, knee pain, ankle and foot or toes joints pain. It can also address certain conditions of the jaw joint and some form of scoliosis (spinal deformities). Most of these pains are of arthritic origin, however they can also be injuries, repetitive strain and occupational hazards.

The main tools of Orthopaedic Medicine are manual joint manipulation/traction and joint injection procedures.

aging management program

Joint Injections

Procedures of injection of skeletal joints of the spine and limbs

aging management program

Joint Manipulation

Procedures of manual mobilisation and manipulation of skeletal joints of the spine and limbs