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Senegenix Transform

The Transform Program

Health & Fitness are multifactorial dependent, however lifestyle has a tremendous role to play. Lifestyle interventions like weight management through dieting approaches, fitness training through physical exercise and stress management through mindfullness and adequate sleep can improve the parameters measuring health & fitness. Our Senegenix Health & Fitness Program combines these interventions with pre and post measuring of health & fitness parameters, and quantification of achieved change.

This is our trademark 6 weeks, personalised and supervised program of health & fitness for adults:

  1. Initial Senegenix Healthcheck + health risk scorring,
  2. Lifestyle Assessment,
  3. Weight Management Plan,
  4. Fitness Training Plan,
  5. Connected Health monitoring & data gathering,
  6. Remote Wellness Coaching,
  7. Final Senegenix Healthcheck + health risk scorring
  8. Report with evaluation of change.

The program starts with an initial Senegenix Healthcheck, pre-program health risk scorring (metabolic risk score and fitness index), and Lifestyle assessment at a Senegenix location. We design a personalised Weight Management Plan and Fitness Training Plan, to run over a period of 6 weeks. The program goals depend on the starting point and what can be realistically and safely achieved over 6 weeks.

The elements of the program are self-conducted in the client’s ecosystem, home and work environment, as part of their daily life routine, in order to establish a health promoting lifestyle. Various health & fitness parameters are recorded by wearable and other connected health devices and transmitted to Senegenix via our internet platform Senegenix FitConnect. A minimum set of a personal activity tracker (fitness band or watch) and a personal body composition analyser (body fat scale) is required to allow this data to be collected. We compile and analyse the data and report on during the program. There are two mid-program remote video sessions at week 2 and week 4, to report on data gathered through Connected Health, to fine-tune the program elements, and conduct Wellness Coaching.

At the end of the program we perform the final Senegenix Healthcheck, at a Senegenix location, and the post-program risk scorring (metabolic risk and fitness index). We compare various essential health parameters, and report on the outcomes of the program through the change achieved especially in the overall Metabolic Health Risk Score and the Fitness Index.

health improvement program
health improvement
The same contraindications for the weight management and fitness training plans apply also to the Senegenix Health Management Program. Please read the previous sections to make sure you qualify for the program from a medical point of view.