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Aerobic Fitness and Metabolism

A new study cofirms what we at Senegenix have always felt is the case, cardiovascular or aerobic training is far superior to muscular strength training for a healthy metabolism. I leave you with this recent article in NY Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/04/well/move/aerobic-fitness-may-trump-strength-for-metabolic-health.html...


Launching our research into the relationship between fitness level and body composition

We are launching today our research study into the relationship between cardio-respiratory fitness level and body composition. Is it better to have an optimum body composition or a higher fitness level for health protection? Does a high fitness level implies also optimal body composition? How about the other way around? We will be seeking to answer these questions in our study. We are therefore recruiting 50 subjects with high fitness level to run them through our Senegenix Health check tool, and analyse the results in order to answer the study questions. The study is funded by Senegenix. Although we cannot pay test subjects, we will offer the Senegenix Healthcheck to them for the purposes of preventive medicine free of charge. This Healthcheck is worth £100.00....